Cone Beam CT

Advanced 3-D technology provides the most accurate imaging for Oral doctors, from family dentists and orthodontists to the most specialized oral surgeons and implantologists. The more accurate images provided with this technology allow doctors to more precisely diagnose and develop a treatment plan.

CBCT Advantages

  • Near real-time 3-D images
  • 360-degree views
  • Approximately 20 seconds scan time
  • 95 percent less radiation exposure than traditional CT scans
  • Non-invasive, comfortable, open-seating environment
  • Enables doctors to share a visual diagnosis with patients
  • 3-D mapping tools enable specialists and technicians to devise a more sophisticated treatment plan
  • Enables doctors to identify and analyze degenerative and adaptive changes in all three dimensions of the TMJ
  • 3-D images enable doctors to identify the most restricted areas and provide airway analysis in a fast, non-invasive procedure
  • DICOM 3-compatible data
  • Accurate analysis of bone height and density make it perfect for planning implants
  • Full-color, precise reports

Five Reasons Not to Buy Your Own CT Machine

  • Cost to own CBCT is $18,000 annually
  • Yearly maintenance can be very expensive
  • i-CAT requires extensive training (up to six months)
  • Requires additional resources to deal with billing through insurance companies
  • Occupies chair/room that could be used for additional patients

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