Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need these X-rays and/or photographs?
A: Dental images can help doctors see what can’t be seen with the naked eye. X-rays show the bones, roots beneath teeth and many other hard tissue structures of the head and neck.

Q: How are the images from Wilson Imaging Centers different from the ones my dentist takes?
A: We offer a variety of services typically not available at a doctor's office. For example, our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine can provide your doctor with 3-D visualization, panoramic views, color photographs and a number of other special procedures. The comprehensive information provided can help your doctor better understand your needs and recommend the right treatment.

Q: I know that dental X-rays expose me to a small amount of radiation. What about the CBCT equipment?
A:  Our CBCT equipment exposes patients to less than 5 percent of the radiation of traditional dental X-rays.*

Q: Is one visit enough?
A: Generally, yes. Depending on the stage of treatment, your doctor may request additional films to help evaluate your progress.

Q: Is payment required at the time of the procedure?
A: Yes. Wilson Imaging Centers are not network providers, and therefore insurance companies will not reimburse us for services. That’s why we require patients to pay for their procedures in full at the time of service. We will provide you with a receipt with ADA and CPT procedure codes that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. Contact your insurance carrier to confirm our services are covered under your policy.

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: Practices and patients should call the scheduling number to schedule with their preferred location. We work by appointment and are often able to get you in right away. This prevents wait times for both you and other patients.

Q: How and when will my doctor get the results?
A: In most cases, the results are delivered electronically on the same day as your visit. If delivered in person, the following day.

Q: Can I bring my child into the X-ray room?
A: In accordance with Texas state regulations, only those involved in the actual procedure are allowed in the X-ray area. However, there may be exceptions in the case of special-needs patients.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?
A: Practices should call their preferred location to schedule an appointment, especially for high-volume times, such as early morning or late afternoon. This prevents wait times for both you and other patients.